Family Doesn't Care That House is On Fire

A Wisconsin sheriff's deputy noticed fire and smoke rising from the rear of a home he was passing by and leapt into action, racing to the home with a fire extinguisher and checking to see if the folks inside had evacuated.

And that's when the deputy discovered two individuals were still inside... but didn't seem too bothered by the fire engulfing their home. Even as the fire bars the only exit, one elderly resident even argues with the mystified officer -- who's trying to save their lives -- against breaking the window.

All of the residents, obstinate humans and confused canines included, were eventually rescued by the officer. Truly, a surreal moment to see firsthand a police officer arguing with the resident of a house literally in flames.

The cause of the fire was eventually traced to a lawnmower parked in front of the residence which burst into flames that quickly spread to the rest of the home. You have to wonder how lucky those residents were that that specific sheriff's deputy just happened to be driving by the home well before the fire was even reported.
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