The Most Viewed eBaum's World Videos of 2020

2020 is winding down, and from Covid-19 to murder hornets, a tiresome election to the government releasing UFO videos, it's been quite an emotional rollercoaster for us all.

As the dumpster fire of a year that is 2020 draws to a close, we figured we'd share some of the highest viewed videos from the past year. These are videos that were uploaded and featured on the homepage during this crazy year. Check out this list of the 20 highest-viewed videos on eBaum's World as we look at this crazy year in retrospect.


#1 - Creepy Interview With an Inbred Appalachian Family

This is obscenely creepy, like a real life horror movie.

#2 - Neighbor Loses Her Mind Because Guy Mowed Flowers in His Own Yard

Guy has an unsettling encounter with a "Karen" neighbor about what he can and can't mow on his own property.

#3 - Dude Sneaks into Dodgers and Giants Game and Gets Busted Trying to Blend In With the Cut-Outs

During the Dodgers-Giants game on August 9th, we noticed one of the fake fans in the stands was clearly a real guy. The announcers were oblivious as he did his best to try and blend in with the cardboard cutouts around him, however he couldn't hide from the cameramen!

#4 - Wendy Williams Tries and Fails to Sneak Out a Beefer While On-Air

Hey Wendy, you better go check your pants, because that sounded wetter than a whistle. Fart Stamp (9:26)

#5 - Pre-Fame Post Malone Music Video is Still Kinda Catchy

Apparently, this was recorded for a school project and features Post Malone's pre-Malone alter ego - Leon DeChino.

It's always fun to see celebrities before they hit the big time. Here's a whole bunch of Game of Thrones actors before they got famous.

#6 - Puddle of Mudd Singer's Voice Goes Crazy While Covering Nirvana Song

Wes Scantlin was having such a hard time covering Nirvana's "About A Girl" he probably should have stopped.

#7 - The Exposing Catfishes Trend On TikTok is Pretty Ruthless

The kids are going to be just fine. It's the adults we're worried about.

#8 - Girl Uses Game of "Would You Rather" To Call Out Her Lying Friend

Gotta admit. That was entertaining. I would like to see more of this video.

#9 - Woman Forgets She's Still on Camera and Starts Pooping During Her Zoom Meeting

Oh the struggles of working from home, when you have to poop but you also have to stay on your work call. Make sure you turn off those cameras before you pull down those pants ya'll.

If you're using Zoom while stuck in quarantine, try using our Funny Zoom Backgrounds For Your Next Call.

#10 - Restaurant Manager Puts Karen in Her Place After She Demands, "More Food"

It's nice seeing a wild Karen in her natural habitat, complaining to some poor service industry worker that she needs more of whatever they didn't giver her enough of. This time though, Karen meets her arch nemesis, the manager and gets told the hard truth. Of all the things this woman could use, more food is not one of them. Respect to this guy for laying it down.

#11 - This Guy's Moonwalk May Be Smoother Than Michael Jackson's

I don't make comparisons to the King of Pop lightly, but this guy might genuinely have perfected the moonwalk that MJ made famous.

#12 - Dude Breaks up With His Girl, Then Dodges Her Like a Champ

Talk about lightning-fast reflexes!

#13 - Officer Scrambles for Answers after Pulling Man over for "Going 65 in a 70mph Zone"

There isn't a single moment in this entire video where the police officer says anything that could be considered a definitive statement. Sorry sir, but I've pulled you over today because you driving entirely too safe for my comfort, also I saw that you were Black and wanted to 'check ya out".

We don't need to tell ya'll about racism, but while you're here check out this: Racism Is Over Thank You Celebrities

#14 - Welder Runs For His Life as Stadium Collapses Under His Feet

This looks like is could be straight out of a movie.

#15 - NOAA Scientists Film Shark Swallowed Whole during Deep-Sea Feeding Frenzy

Researchers exploring the deep ocean off the South Carolina coast capture a group of sharks feasting on a swordfish when one of them unexpectedly becomes dinner himself.

#16 - Little Girl's YouTube Video Interrupted by Sleeping Brother's Massive Beefer

When it makes that wet, flapping sound, you should probably go check your drawers.

#17 - Guy Puts a Jar of Pond Water on His Window Sill and Records as it Comes Alive

From the creator:
Last week, I scooped a jar of muddy water and weed out of a local pond, sealed it and placed it on my north facing window sill, in an experiment to create a sealed ecosphere. Let's have a look at some of the things I saw in there during the first week...

#18 - Man Proudly Shows Off the Fence he Built to Keep His Dog In The Yard

Ahh damn it. Looks like he'll have to build a bigger fence. for more fence related humor check out this FBI agent who could learn a thing or two about using his brain.

#19 - Dude Uses the Most Dangerous Woodcutting Machine We've Seen

Necessity is the mother of all darwin awards.

20 - Nasty Coworker Enjoys the Break-room Cake as a Single Serving

Don't trust community treats! This Karen monster couldn't find a plate, I guess. WTF is wrong with people?

Honorable mention - Karen in Training Completely Freaks Out on Other Boaters at the Marina

"Unwelcomed" visitors to a private marina drives a future Karen absolutely batty. This lady needs to take a chill pill because if something like this sets her off, she's going to have a long life ahead of her. Want more? Check out more Karens being Karens.

Honorable mention - Wife Beating Cop Is Arrested While on Duty and Has His Uniform Cut off Him

Footage from the Rio Rancho Police Department in New Mexico shows the arrest of Albuquerque Police Officer Jeffrey Wharton prior to his shift beginning. He was taken into custody by detectives of the Rio Rancho Police Department due to a warrant for his arrest from the Rio Rancho PD.

According to the criminal complaint, Wharton beat his spouse so badly, she had several gashes on her head and face. Police say her injuries were so severe, she had to be taken to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a brain bleed. Some of the domestic incident was captured on the couples "RING" doorbell system.

Wharton resigned from APD shortly after this arrest. APD says Wharton had been with the department since November 2010. He was a senior officer with the department. His trial is pending.

If you're reading this you've made it to the end of the list! Congratulations on having an attention span that is greater than 4 minutes! We hope you enjoyed this list of the most viewed videos and hopefully, it brought back some (pleasant) memories of the past year. Let us know in the comments if you think we missed any videos, or if you disagree with any of the items in this list.

If you have a few extra minutes, take the brief survey at the bottom of the page to give us some feedback and help our editors to continue to brin you the best content in 2021. In closing, let's raise our glasses and make a toast to 2021. Hopefully, the new year will be **NOTHING** like the catastrophe 2020 was.

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