Latest 'Wheel of Fortune' Disaster Is Hilariously Hard to Watch

Last night's episode of 'Wheel of Fortune' has caused quite the uproar from people online, who couldn't believe how long it took these contestants to answer this seemingly easy answer. What appears to be a pretty obvious prompt drove these contestants through a major loop. After more than two minutes of failed guesses, bankruptcies, and painful-to-watch gamesmanship, the correct answer was given, though not without a little blood, sweat, and tears.

The right answer was "Another feather in your cap", and this poor woman guessed wrong twice after her co-contestant went bankrupt twice. On her first guess, she offered up an L and then followed that up with an M, hoping for either MAP or LAP.

And while she was guessing wrong, the last male contestant was just shooting from the hip. He guessed a 'D' and a 'G'. Nowhere near close.

Needless to say, these contestants didn't wear their thinking CAPs, because this should have been a slam dunk win. Yet instead we have possibly one of the worst ever fails from 'Wheel of Fortune' and for that we're thankful.

Try your best not to cringe, but for us the pain is too much to bear.
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