'There's More Dead Than Alive': Woman Exposes Petco For "Unacceptable" Betta Fish Conditions

The cat owner and animal lover Gizmos's Best Life stumbled across a shocking and tragic situation at her local Petco in John's Creek Georgia; 13 dead betta fish.

"This is the worst neglect I've ever seen at a pet store," she said. "I'm so pissed I forgot why I even came to this pet store." After counting every single dead fish, she arranged them for all to see, and informed an employee. "I feel somewhat bad for the workers because they're understaffed," she said, "But of you're understaffed, don't get fish that you can't take care of at a pet store."

In a follow-up video she revealed that Petco responded to her video, and spoke with her over the phone. Although they claim to be taking steps to fix the problem, she said she won't stop until she sees action. "Petco if you want to make this right you need to look at your betta fish sales strategy and severely reconstruct it. Even if that means getting rid of your betta fish altogether."
@gizmos_best_life This is UNACCEPTABLE. There were as many dead ones as there were alive ones. #bettafish #aquarium #petstore #dobetter #siamesefightingfish #fishtank ♬ original sound - Gizmo's Best Life
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