TikTok Jeweler Will Make You a Pearl Necklace Out of Your Dried C**

Not sure what to get friends or loved ones this holiday season? Need a gift idea that’ll leave them beaming, ever thankful to have you in their lives? Well, look no further.

TikToker @amandaldbooth is a jeweler. Amanda Booth doesn’t make just any old jewelry, though. No, Amanda makes special jewelry, and you, the customer, play a very important role in its creation. Let’s cut to the chase. She’ll hand-craft you a pearl necklace out of your dried cum. Yes, you read that right. In case you were wondering, no she doesn’t wear gloves.

All you gotta do is nut in a cup, send it her way, and after some processing and precise craftsmanship, she’ll ship you the finished product, inlaid with glitter, streaked with colors, and however else you custom-ordered the piece. What better way to tell someone “I love you” or even just a simple “thank you” than a shimmering bracelet of little swimmers immortalized in resin?

Don’t worry ladies, she also does breast milk.

How Amanda decided this was her calling, we can’t begin to fathom. But what’s more surprising is that she seems to have a steady flow of orders coming in. Human sex secretions turned to timeless wearables is a novelty for sure, and with most pieces averaging under $100, you have no excuse not to adorn that special someone with something so thoughtful.
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Uploaded 11/22/2022
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