A Daily Dose of Schadenfreude in the form of Funny Fails

A funny collection of five videos where mistakes were made. You can feel okay with laughing because no one was seriously injured, they just herped while they derped.

There's an old saying that goes something like "you have to be tough if you are going to be dumb" and boy it couldn't ring more true in most cases. This much larger than a child-sized dude was swinging on a baby swing that was hanging from his porch. He makes it through about 2 or three swings before the chain snaps and sends him flying into a nearby fire pit... that is actively burning.


♬ original sound - ERIC JAMES HALL EJ

This group of teens was playing some good ole fashioned backyard football when the guy with the ball pulled off some fancy footwork and juked out of the way and caused these two girls to slam into each other in a pretty hilarious and embarrassing fail.

@mr.kinney_arhs7 #ComeDanceWithMe #fyp ♬ Coming In Hot - Andy Mineo & Lecrae

A lady tries her damndest to climb up an inflatable slide to enjoy some time in the water. Unfortunately for her she can't quite make it up over the hill and loses her grip and goes tumbling down the backside of the slide. Bonus slo-mo footage on this one.


Woman's Hilarious Inflatable SLide Fail

♬ original sound - Mike Barrington

Pranks amongst friends are an age-old tradition. This guy made it seem like his buddy was attempting to kidnap or smuggle someone in his luggage at the airport, which is one place you typically do NOT want to mess around at.


when your mate sticks a speaker in your bag in the airport playing p*rno

♬ original sound - This is Dublin Offical

Airsoft has been on the rise in popularity in recent years and like with any other sport or organized event there are always some cheaters and hot-heads. In this clip, it appears the guy inside the building has been hit and refuses to go back to spawn and proceeds to unload on an opposing player near/at his face. The man doesn't take to kindly to this cheaters actions and low-blow and proceeds to layeth the smack down on his candy ass.

@airsoft_france Baston #airsoft #airsoftfrance #airsoftgun #fakegun #airsoftclips ♬ Turn Down for What - Dance Hits 2015
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