TikTok is Hunting For An Alleged Chicago Serial Killer

Does Chicago have an active serial killer? The people of TikTok believe it does and they're sharing their stories about him. 

The idea has been floating around recently, as ten bodies have been found dumped in either Lake Michigan or rivers during the last year. 

The alleged killer finds their victims – who so far have all been male – walking alone at night typically away from a bar. This person who has been identified as being white and as having a black beard, asks these men if they need a ride home before they go missing. 

Ken Waks, a TikTok creator and citizen investigator has been collecting evidence on the alleged serial killer, who so far has been called both the 'Chicago Killer' and the 'Smiley Face Killer.' 

Waks, who has been documenting his finding on TikTok for his nearly 1 million followers,  claims to have a map of numerous attempted grabbings, which he compares to the cities lacking police camera infrastructure, insisting that whoever this killer is, knows where they can snatch people without being caught on tape. 

@ken #stitch with @markymarx We should talk ASAP, I’ve been investigating this since I was approached 2x this year being offered a ride by a stranger in almost identical situations. I have a few questions for you, you might be able to help me blow this thing wide open. Please HMU when you see this #chicago #investigation #freeride #serialkiller #chi #update #letstalk #crime #psa #missingperson #staysafe ♬ original sound - Ken Waks!
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