Arborist Angers Massive Colony of Bees, But Handles it Like a Pro

Travor Ahern is a professional tree climber, and arborist, responsible for making sure trees are in tip-top shape and safe for people on the ground below. There are many dangers to tree climbing, namely chainsaws, falling wood, and being suspended up to 100 feet in the air. But there is one hazard far more dangerous than the rest; thousands of angry bees. 

Posted to his TikTok page Travor in Trees, Travor filmed himself via GoPro accidentally disturbing a massive colony of honey stingers. Barely visible on the back of a tree trunk, it's easy to see just how quickly things can go wrong. 

"Ah, Bitch!" he screams as they start to attack him. But Travor jumps into instant action, repelling quickly down the tree. "Fucking bees dude," Travor says to his friend. 

"That's all the nopes at once," one viewer commented. 

"Honestly, he handled it way better than I expected," one person said. "I expected this to go a lot worse." 

In the end, Travor went back up and finished the job without a hitch. "Wait you went back up with no suit?" one person asked. "Yeah they calmed down after a bit and we were cool." All in a day's work for a badass arborist. 

@travor_in_trees I had to do an emergency descent after I found a very large colony of bees. #bees #treeremovalexpert #rigging #treeclimber #arborist #treelife ♬ original sound - Travor Ahern
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