'Ur Getting Punched': The Painful Meaning Behind Seeing A Yellow Car, per TikTok's Latest Viral Trend

After years of “Slugbug no punch backs” –  a game defined by punching someone upon the spotting of a Volkswagon Beetle – holding the title of the ultimate road trip time-passer, the beloved past time has finally found its boredom-busting successor: “Yellow Car.”

The rules for Yellow Car are simple. Just like its VW predecessor, a game growing more and more obsolete following the Beetle’s discontinuation in 2019, a yellow car consists of punching the person next to you upon seeing a yellow car, ideally yelling “Yellow car!” or “Yellow car no return!” before your swing to inform the aforementioned punchee of why they’re getting socked in the arm.

Though merely a new coat of yellow paint on a beloved travel game, one that has appeared to find particular popularity in parts of Europe, the yellow car has recently made the rounds on TikTok, becoming a meme all of its own.

“The reason I want a yellow car… is to run a family’s road trip,” joked TikTok creator @user2455415885661 in their viral video from April. 

“It was a yellow car why should I have to apologize?,” Joked @secretmadeleinee in a dubbed take on a popular audio. “I saw a yellow car so I hit you. That ain’t violence. I’m European.”

Happy punching, kids. 

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