What It's Like to Fly on One of the World's Largest Private Jets

For most of us, traveling by airplane is already a bit of luxury as it's not something we can just afford to do on a whim. Despite the whole process of flying commercially being time-consuming, a hassle at the airport, and most of all flying with huge groups of complete strangers you can never predict how smooth or how much of a nightmare your flight is going to be. From screaming children and crying babies, the people who try and hog both armrests or take up half the row, to sick people and anti-maskers, it really can just be a nightmare flying on a commercial flight, especially the longer ones.

The lucky ones among us don't have to deal with these issues. Flying first-class, on private airlines, or perhaps even on their own aircraft, they get to skip lines, forego dealing with unruly passengers, and have some peace and quiet during their flight. Oh, and I didn't even mention the upgraded snacks and food/beverages available on these private flights.

This Boeing 767 is a 2000-square-foot private jet and is the epitome of luxurious air travel. Complete with a private bedroom, family-style seating around a table, televisions, and premium upgrades, this is how one travels in style... assuming you can afford the ticket.
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