Lady Goes Berserk after Getting Called Out For Cutting

This woman has a mental breakdown after allegedly cutting the line in Walmart, and being confronted on it. The video starts after the situation has already escalated, and employees are trying to calm the woman down and alleviate the tension. The woman claims that the man filming touched her while trying to confront her, and that she was recently raped and cannot currently handle being touched by a strange man. The man seems quite surprised by her strong reaction, asking at one point if it was a prank, but to his credit remains calm and allows himself to be escorted away by employees.

If all accounts are to be believed, it would seem that a simple misunderstanding triggered significant trauma, resulting in an alarming reaction. Hopefully all parties can get the help they need, and shop peacefully at Walmart again in the future. But it's Walmart, so no promises.
@theshaderoom Whew chile! A viral video shows a woman having a complete meltdown in Walmart after being called out for cutting the line. #Roomies ♬ original sound - The Shade Room
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