Woman in Tears after Stranger Follows Her For 15 Miles Because She's "Driving His Car"

This woman finds herself in a tense situation after being followed by a man claiming she's driving "his" car.

After stopping at an Oilstop, this woman is confronted by a man who claims that she is driving his car, and who has been following her for the last 15 miles. He claims that he won the car in a lottery and that it's his, while she emphatically argues that she's owned it for the last six years, and that it's under her name. Oilstop employees try to help her avoid the situation, and tell her that there are empty beer bottles all over the inside of his car. According to the text in her video, the police were called and eventually escorted her home safely.

There are some crazy people out there, and this woman was thankfully able to navigate what could have been a dangerous situation.
@megan._silva One of the scariest moments of my life. I had my little sister in the car with me and I didn’t know what this guy was capable of. He would swerve in front of me on the highway and tried to pull me over on the exit ramp. He would yell at me from his window when we stopped at a traffic light. I feared for my little sisters safety so I went into protective big sister mode. #foryou #foryoupage #carchase #bigsister #bigsisterthings @kayla<3 ♬ original sound - Megan Silva

@megan._silva #stitch with @megan._silva Part 2 update on car chase video. Keep in mind that this guy had been following us for 15 miles and would constantly swerve in front of us and would try to pull us over. I was crying before this was even being filmed and before telling me that he “won my car in a lottery” so I thought me and my sister were gonna be involved in human trafficking. #foryou #foryoupage #carchase ♬ original sound - Megan Silva
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