Woman On Bus is an Absolute Pro at Getting Robbed

Like with any skill, practice, and experience make perfect. One of this woman's skills is getting robbed, and by the looks of it, she's had plenty of practice.

Remaining calm as a robber barges onto her bus, she discretely removes her phone from her purse and places it under her leg. When the robber comes by, she hands him a decoy phone, and he takes it none the wiser.

"Lady's been through this song and dance before," @KStahlia commented.

"Shit. Now I gotta buy a new decoy," @otoboke joked. 

According to one commenter, this video takes place in Colombia; but that is unconfirmed. Plenty of other viewers commended the woman for her foresight and quick thinking.

"Keeping a dummy phone should be standard practice in places where robberies happen quite often," @IshwarBagga commented. 

Throughout this interaction, the woman does a great job of staying calm, and remembering that it's always safer to give robbers want they want... or a version of it anyhow. 

"She knew exactly what was about to go down," @Josh_D78 remarked. "I wonder how much she paid for her decoy phone, and how many times this has happened to her."

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