Woman Politely Asks 'Street Takeover' Mob to Stop Destroying Her Car

A street takeover in Tolland, Connecticut took a destructive turn when a woman decided to drive her convertible right through the middle of it.

A group of young men took to smashing her car, led by someone wearing a "Love never fails" sweatshirt. But instead of driving away, the woman got out nicely to ask the men to stop. Unfortunately, her words couldn't do much to diffuse the situation. 

"Bless her trying hard to reason with them," @MarsLeRoux commented. "She’s fearless."

"Angry mob destroying my car," @FAKER631 remarked, “I think I’ll get out and try and ask these fine gentlemen to please stop.” 

One man, 20-year-old Jefferson Duron was arrested after the takeover. One Tolland resident, Megan Sargisian, started a Go-Fund-Me to pay for damages to her mother's vehicle. It is possible that her mother is the woman in this video.

"It was a takeover that blocked the intersection, and [my parents] were just trying to drive home," she wrote. "This car brought my mom so much happiness, and that was taken from her last night. In her hometown. For no reason."

Street takeovers are a growing systemic problem in this country, and unfortunately, the polite pleadings of a middle-aged white woman were unlikely to solve it overnight. 

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