'You'll Tip For Somebody to Carry You Chicken Wings': Landlords Think That You Should Tip Them Too

These landlords, twoguystakeonrealestate, think that you should tip your landlord. In this video, they equate being a landlord to a barista or a delivery driver, and try to make the point that they provide a much more valuable service. "So you'll tip an extra 25% for somebody to carry you a basket of chicken wings, but you won't tip someone who responds for after hours emergency calls?"

Of course, this argument is a logical fallacy, because tipping exists to help supplement underpaid labor that we appreciate, not to support everyone who provides a necessary service. By their logic, we should be tipping our doctors, teachers, and airline pilots. Plus, as one person comments, 25% on a $1600 rent may be a little more than 25% on a $27 bill from a restaurant."

These two "Real Estate Investing Mentors" have plenty of other ideas when it comes to being a landlord, including changing laws that force them to maintain their properties. Maybe landlords would get a tip every now and then if they weren't complete and total knobs. Too bad these guys will never find out.
@twoguystakeonrealestate When you’re paying your landlord the rent and a tipping screen appears… #investmentproperty #realestateinvesting #passiveincome ♬ Cooking Time - Lux-Inspira
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