Beer in the US

I am drinking a bottle of Bud Light right now. I looked at the label and it says that there is 4.2% alcohol in it. Most other beers in the US are no more than 5.5% or less. Occasionally you will find a beer that has just a little more in it.

WTF! Beer companies need to realize that people in the US and worldwide like to drink beer to get drunk. I know the laws in the US say they can only make beer with a certain amount of alcohol. If it has any more than a specific amount, then they can’t call it beer, it has to be called Rum or whiskey or something else.

That gets irritating. You can go buy a 22 or 40 oz bottle of beer for less than half the price of whiskey, but you have to drink 5 large bottles of beer to get drunk. You can accomplish the same thing (getting drunk) with nine or ten shots of 40 or 50 proof whiskey or rum.

This kind of pisses me off! You can go to Germany and get a slightly larger bottle of BIER (German beer) than what we are used to in the States. It also usually has a little more alcohol than we are used to in US beer. The US wants to keep up with the rest of the world on everything else, so why not keep up with them on beer? Come on, we need to start putting more alcohol in my beer! Let’s put that on the ballot this year. When we go vote for President and everything else, let’s vote to put more alcohol in US beer!

Better yet, everyone can rebel by going to your back yard and brewing up some Moonshine! Basically, you put corn in a still along with yeast and sugar and some other things and you can make 200 proof moonshine if you do it right! Or go in your basement, forget the corn, just mix Yeast and sugar with some flavoring and make your own wine. You can do that legally as long as you don’t sell it if you don’t have a liquor license.

There are a lot of other things that piss me off about US liquor laws to. Such as the drinking age of 21. I am well over 21, but, it still pisses me off! When I was 18 I could not drink unless I had someone else buy it or I raided someone else’s liquor cabinet. Of course, you know, I never did any thing like that, because I was a goody, goody little angel all my life! LOL! But the US is the only country on Earth, that I know of that has that high of a drinking age.

When I was on R&R from Iraq, I went to Amsterdam with some friends. We went to a bar and there was a local girl from Amsterdam sitting next to us at the next table over, we talked to her and she was only 16! That is the age limit in Germany to. In Canada it is 19. Why the fuck do we have to have a legal age of 21 in the US when every other country has a lower age then us? This is bull shit! Granted, there are several countries in the world where it is illegal to drink but they still do. Iraq is one of them. I have been there and they know it is against their religion and everything, but they still drink and sell their alcohol to US soldiers as well.

In fact there are some countries that will go easy on you if you drive drunk. They will just take your license away or something. In the US you usually go to jail. In some other countries you are executed for drunk driving on the First or Second offense!

I myself got lucky one night; I was two points under the limit when I got pulled over in the middle of the night! LOL!

Anyway, I just think when it comes to alcohol; the US is fucked up, even though the US makes more beer and alcohol than any other country in the world. I do believe we also have more alcoholics than any other country to. Not even Germany and Ireland have as many problem drinkers as we do!

(For the record, before someone talks shit, NO I did not do any thing with the 16 year old girl! I was also in the Army at the time, so that other stuff that is legal in Amsterdam, IE, drugs, I could not do that either!)


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