crook Takes Pawn part 87

"Don't ever ask me to do something like that again," Rebecca says crossly. Her nips poke out of the shirt, to punctuate her feelings.
    "Ok, I'm sorry," Greg says, "but you havta admit, it's better to let it out than bottle it up. I know that gives you nightmares because you haven't talked about it enough."
    His arms enfold her from behind. He kisses her neck. Her pulse rate drops back to normal. He means to soothe, but the newly-aquired fantasy of making it in the Pawn shop almost makes him pursue more.
    But that is a no-no, especially after all the great exposure they had today. Like it or not, Rebecca had left a huge impression on the news crew. Greg doubted they would use any of her short answers, but the reaction would definitely make it on TV.
    The rest of the night was bland, mundane even. Rebecca was exhausted, and so Greg drove her Nissan over to Amy's in order to pick up Julie. They got fast food. More nuggets for Ju-Ju. Greg got a grilled chicken, same as Rebecca. He was looking to eat somewhat healthier. They shared a large fry. No sex, just straight to bed really. Rebecca bathed Julie, and everything seemed to have a routine now. Greg read the Des Moines Register, always keeping a keen eye towards developments that might influence his computer racket. Cedar Rapids was in the process of upgrading their computer systems for the Sheriff's office. He would have to run that one by Benjamin. Other possibilities?
    Rebecca came to bed in a purple satin nightie. For once, Greg just admired her clothing, without soiling it. He was blessed. The candlelight vigil had rocked Greg's world. Once again, further insight into "the shooting" as it will be forever labeled, has come about. This woman's prayers alone must've influenced Greg's victories. She was his Valkyrie, with epitaphs to God set forth to battle in affairs that needed both science and faith.
    Who knew such love could result after the discharges of .38 caliber rounds? Maybe cupid was packing more heat than a measly bow, and Greg's potch-marked ass was the result of the fated ammunition.

    Greg's dream felt remarkably lucid, and real. From the damp sensations within the REM, it also felt this was going to be a wet dream. Greg awoke and Rebecca was blowing him. She paused and looked at him, the head of his member poking out the side of her cheek. She let him slip from her mouth.
    "You're not going to work today," she says plainly, then resumes her fellatio. Greg cannot argue with that persuasive tongue.
    Julie had her babysitter pick up Julie and take her to daycare. She spotted the girl a $20 to pick Ju-Ju up for a few hours later on, too.
    They fool around most of the day. Up until about noon. Then Rebecca orders pizza, with delivery. Then back to bed. But at 1pm, he gets an addled call from Benjamin.
    "This is Ben, call me ASAP, Greg."
Greg does just that.
    "Why aren't you open today?!?!" Ben demands.
    "I'm--not feeling too well today." Greg fibs. He was actually feeling the best he had in a long time.
    "I need to grab 3 computers I just sold to Bill, from the computer repair." Benjamin says indignantly. Uh-oh. This looked bad. Ben had finally secured his first sale, and Greg was fucking it up for him. Greg got dressed hurriedly and took Rebecca's car over to the Pawn and Payday, where Ben and Bill were already waiting.
    "Greg fumbled with his keys. After relocating the front door to the back room, Greg was able to thin the array of keys. But there was still quite a few left on his thick key ring.
    Greg unlocks the rickety door to the back room, the one Gus installed. Bill looks nervous. He overheard Benjamin and Greg's heated conversation. Ben continues their prior discussion.
    "You don't look too sick to me," Ben says snidely. Greg says nothing, but feels his face go red. It was Rebecca's request for him to stay home, but he does not reveal this.
    "you're missing the fucking point, Greg. I need to know your dedicated to our goals," Ben says irritably, "otherwise, I'll take out my computers and try it on my own."
    Greg frowns. Benjamin cannot hope to match the pace that Greg has set in sales. Was this all a show, for Bill? Maybe Ben was throwing his weight around, to show his pull with their enterprise.
    Benjamin's eyes are raw and bloodshot. He reeks of weed. Donny must have hooked him up with some killer bud. Greg is unsure if Bill is aware of Ben's intoxication. Bill's concern can only be nailed down as a response to Ben's erratic behavior.
    "Benjamin," Bill says softly, "I see you're acting very frantic right now. I know you have an intense energy to keep going, for your business. But you can't overdo it, my friend. Because, when the good times slow, and situations change, you've gotta prepare yourself for that. You can't go all in, not all the time. You'll crash and burn. Slow down, take it a little easy."
    Ben looks at Bill warily.
    "How long has it been since you slept?" Greg asks respectfully.
    Benjamin wipes his dire eyes and sighs. "I didn't get to bed yet," He says distantly. Greg can tell he has hit the brakes just now. The Emergency Brake maybe, but his progress is still slowed. Ben is coming down. When Bill hands him the check for $1,200, Ben is softened by relief.
    "I'm sorry, Greg," Ben mumbles, stifling a yawn.
    "Don't be, Ben. You have every right to be upset. This is a big sale, lotsa molah."
    Greg absentmindedly marks up three tallies under Ben's column.
"Just get some rest, pal," Bill says, patting Benjamin's back in a manly display. Ben and Bill depart separately in different vehicles. Ben pulls out cautiously, another sign he is quite tired.
    Greg finished out the rest of the day, which amounted to about 4 hours. Surprise, surprise, no sales today. Greg eagerly headed home after his diminished shift. When he got home, Rebecca was sitting at the dining room table, with her cell phone in the middle. She patted the seat beside her, at the head of the table. Greg had a notion about what was happening.
    "It's time to call your ex-wife, Diane," Rebecca says, "time to meet your son."

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