Y'all Judge's Some Weak Pussies, Y'all Preacher's Some Rapin'...

Mama ain't got no cash, daddy aint got no doe
So daddy went to my mama and started pimpin that hoe
Man it's hard times, niggas ain't got shit
Nothin but billy clubs to they head and they ass kicked
Heroin in they vein, cocaine up in they brain
Man what you expect, America gave us pain
So fuck it, now we thugs, we sellin your mean drugs
And takin mean mugs, and fill 'em with those slugs
I gave up fake gods, and Jesus don't look like us
Why y'all think we gon' kill and just don't give a hot fuck
Devil that's how you made us, hiatus up in the pen
Man we came out blind, that's why we goin back in
But God, I'mma teach 'em, reach 'em up in these streets
Bush, I'm runnin' up in this shit like a track meet
You murdered, up in Texas where killin' is such a sin
The first month you in office you started killin' again
But shit, we just some niggas and that's how the game go
Y'all took us up out the state moved us straight out to Death Row
Y'all may of, made us slaves but never make us your hoe
God, you my pimp so let's start exposin' these hoes
Y'all judge's some weak pussies, y'all preacher's some rapin' fags
These people that made us slaves, these niggas wavin' they flags
America ain't shit but home of the hot lick
They hang us all by rope, then laugh and cut off our dick!


These are wise word's quoted from a source I can't release for some reason....but anyone from Mississippi or knows music from the south...knows what is up. Bush ain't shit, McCain is another Bush and they both do not like african american's! Did you know John McCain actually voted against making MLK Day a national holiday?


People may think that rap has no message or meaning....but apparently, people don't open up their ears!

Uploaded 10/14/2008
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