Video games give you unrealistic expectations about driving.

As a child gamer, it’s reasonable to think that your future driving life will involve all sorts of fun twists, turns and tricks, probably enhanced by NOS. However, once you’re old enough to actually get behind the wheel, you quickly realize that a majority of driving is just waiting until you can get to where you want to go.

That’s why some drivers take to creating their own fun on the roadway, like this person who decided to snipe a few traffic cones with their door.

The video shows someone with U.K. car plates who, for reasons unknown, is using their door to knock over traffic cones. It doesn’t seem to be the most difficult job in the world, but they’re pretty skilled at it, managing to send every cone in their path flying.

The video had previously been posted to Reddit, where users weighed in on the driver’s actions. “A friend of mine did this in Utah years ago. At the end of 5 miles there was a police car waiting for him. Cop gave him the option of jail or resetting all 5 miles. He did the reset,” claimed a user. “Heard a story from a road worker once. They were on a job and each day the same guy came by and did this. On the fourth day, the fourth or fifth cone was filled with cement. He didn’t come back on the fifth day.”

If this guy bothered you, don’t worry; it’s likely that doing this absolutely wrecked his car’s paint job. So if you want to have fun while driving, just crack a few glow sticks and go to China — I don’t know if you heard, but their highways are an absolute rave.