It's safe to say that humans are by far the most developed species. I mean I'm sure somewhere out there is a planet full of Jeff Goldblums and it's a perfect society. But I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge how stupid we actually are as humans.

Yeah we sh*t in toilets, and use silverware to eat, but in the grand scheme of things we are genuinely not doing great. And the crazy thing is that we document EVERYTHING. We can't get off of our phones and just live in the moment.

We have to take selfies, and film people doing dumb stuff, and tag every restaurant we ever go to. It's insane.

So in that light, thanks to the Twitter account Out of Context Human Race we've collected some of the most ridiculous humans living on planet earth. Enjoy.

This guy is an entire mood.

Nicole needs a little help.

Aww poor girl.

The hottest road on the planet.

Admit it, you thought this was a video.

Not nice.

Soccer is the worst.

Tough to feed what???

Humans do have a knack for absolutely roasting other humans.

Fresh cuts.

One way to celebrate Jesus.