If we as a society all agree that customer service is the absolute worst industry, then the perfect subset of that has to be hospitality. In that light we've collected the most horrifying and disgusting stories from those who have worked as housekeepers, maids, and other hotel staff. 

There's obviously only one place that we could source for answers this disturbing. You guessed it - AskReddit

Redditor obernewtyn16 gets us started with some fuel for our nightmares. "I worked front desk at a luxury hotel, one night the elevator doors opened & a completely naked woman stumbled out, covered in blood. It turned out that she was epileptic, had a seizure in the shower, fell, cut herself, exited her room & locked herself out. It was a truly terrifying 25 minutes of trying to piece together what had happened."

This unsolved mystery comes to us courtesy of user telarium. "I wasn't working at this hotel and was just a guest, but I wish I had asked the staff for the backstory. I'm checking into my hotel in Los Angeles and was given my keycard. Head to the room, open the door, and there's a naked buff dude standing next to the bed just staring at me."

"He says nothing. I apologize and quickly leave, assuming somehow I'd gotten the wrong room. I go back to the front desk and say, 'I'm sorry, but I think you gave me the wrong room. There's a naked man already in there.' The worker at the front desk says, 'Shit, not again.' He pulls out his walkie talkie and says, 'Security? He's back again.' They assigned me to a different room and I was on my way."

This next horror story comes to us from an even weirder username; a_nice_moist_fart. "I work overnights in a relatively small hotel, and at least 6/7 days a week, I hear people f*cking loud as hell in their rooms. Half the rooms have a balcony that overlooks the lobby, and those doors aren't soundproof at all."

"And before I started here, there was a massive wedding that took place, and later that night, the groom killed his bride and himself in their room."

"I was a night auditor at a Home2Suites several years back. Our usual extended-stay clientele were traveling nurses, government contractors, or out of town veterans getting something done at the VA Hospital. But we had one guy and girl on the first floor for a few weeks that were…odd. It took us a bit to realize it was a hooker and her pimp."

"Some john would come to see her, and the guy who rented the room would come out to hang in the lobby or go smoke at our fire pit. Our manager was a bit clueless and took longer to figure it out, but once she did, she went and knocked on the door to ask them to leave. He only cracked the door so she couldn’t see inside the room (he’d declined housekeeping for two straight weeks), but she managed to see an office chair behind him that had two handguns and a huge Rambo knife on it, so she called the cops."

"I came up later that day to pick up my check to find cops had surrounded the building. Turns out he barricaded himself in the room and held the prostitute hostage, so SWAT had to come tear gas him through the window and use a battering ram to get inside. The owners fired our manager for that, for letting the sex work go on so long and the optics of cops swarming our hotel." -cowardly_wizzard

This one comes to us from Carniverousphinctr. Seriously y'all over at Reddit need therapy to figure out these usernames. "I was a night shift security guard for a motel right next to the biggest casino in my state. It was common for drug addicts to hang out around the property. One time this guy staying in a room did a lil too much meth and had a freak out."

"He was running around the walk ways naked. I had to ward him away from people's rooms so they wouldn’t be disturbed. He ended up jumping off the second story balcony and splatting on the pavement. He scampered up and hauled ass across the street into a car dealership. Not my problem anymore."

So the next time you're staying at a hotel, be kind to the staff and customer service workers. Odds are high they've seen some sh*t.