Weeks after TikTok creator/OnlyFans model Vicky Banxx got candid about her VERY dehydrating dedication to making her man nut 6-7 times per day, her, erm, nutty philosophy has remained steadfast even in the wake of her newfound viral fame.

Riding on the apparent high of impressing – and let’s be real, absolutely fucking terrifying – tens of millions of Twitter viewers with her penchant for leaving her SO looking like SpongeBob during his water-free visit to Sandy Cheeks’ dome, Banxx reiterated her approach during a recent interview with notable thirst bait page OnlyFans’ premier news source, The Fan Van.

“I’m just such a giver I guess I could say,” she reiterated in a clip also shared to FunnyHoodVidz, adding that she’s “a firm believer in the whole cliche, like don’t let your man leave hungry horny, all those things.”

“I just don’t think that he should be out in the world full of cum, it’s like against my religion,” she continued.

This time, Banxx opted to play coy with her routine, one likely only rivaled by Jordan Peterson’s vision of a Chinese dick-sucking factory. Instead of outlining – a tidbit that shot her to viral proportions back in March – she kept it simple, only detailing her and her SO’s morning routine, one consisting of “giving him head so he’s completely empty when he gets out of the bed.”

She concluded with a word of pretty horrible, but maybe not entirely untrue, but still really bad wisdom for the fine people of TikTok.

“If you’re not giving it to your man, he’s going to be getting it from someone,” she said.

There’s a lot to unpack here, but hey, at least her man’s (probably raisin-resembling) balls are already checked off the list.