Yes, the self-proclaimed home to the 'world's greatest hamburgers' still exists! Now that you've you received your daily dose of nostalgia, let's take a quick dive in and see what all fuss is about over everyone's favorite burger joint, Fuddruckers.

Founded in 1979, the burger chain has been a staple of 'Not-so-fast-food' for over four decades. So when Twitter user Michelle Dean posed a question asking if anyone had ever been to the establishment, the internet was quick to respond.

Echoing Nick's cheese tweet, I remember Fuddruckers was (and still is) very much in the build your own burger business. I'm totally dating myself here, but back in the day there was even a walk-up burger bar with toppings and condiments of your choosing.

Glad to see a staple of our childhood is still alive and well. As of 2019 they even had an eating challenge. If you could scarf down a 3lb Fuddruckers burger and 1lb of steak fries, you won a t-shirt! Now I ask you, the reader, what more could you want out of an American burger joint?