Nut Day Memes

Did you know that October 22nd has been designated as #NationalNutDay? Liberation Foods Company, a UK-based provider of fair-trade nuts, first established the date as a way to raise awareness about sustainably sourced nuts back in 2015. The holiday quickly gained popularity - I guess you could say people went nuts for it - and today it's celebrated globally.

Of course, we all know that the word "nut" has a whole other meaning in slang, so you know #NationalNutDay was gonna get some pretty ridiculous tweets and memes around it, so let's take a look at some of the best ones.

Naturally, not everyone's mind was in the gutter - Planters mascot Mr. Peanut and the Peanut and Tree Nut Processors Association (PTNPA) were obviously among the people that took the day somewhat seriously:

PTNPA @NutIndustry Educating Members of Congress about the nut industry and PTNPA Members! #NationalNutDay #NutIndustry #PTNPA2019

Rock Rapids Utility @RRutilities Did you know that peanuts aren’t actually nuts? They’re legumes. Isn’t that nuts?! #NationalNutDay

eedc @eedcAndy In a nutshell #NationalNutDay ~200-600M people chew betel nut to give a cheap/quick high; regarded as the world's 4th most-used stimulant. The active ingredient, arecoline, acts on the same brain receptors as nicotine & a new gum has been developed to quit addiction #RealTimeChem

That said, this is the internet. We didn't come here to see adults acting their age and maturely discussing facts about nuts - we're obviously here for the d**k jokes, of which there were PLENTY:

?G???? @ Worm Wrangling´? @niightstaIker It’s #NationalNutDay , you know what THAT MEANS -

 Roboguineapigultra ( Commissions open!) @Roboguineapigu1 Attention gamers, it's #NationalNutDay ! Let's all nut to celebrate!

Craig Bro Dude @CraigSJ When it's #NationalNutDay

Along with tweets, there were also some pretty dank memes: 

Jimmy Neutron gotta blastWhen he tells u he's been saving it up for international nut day @hauntedtoiletNational Nut Day? I can't wait to celebrate with something salty in my mouthThis pleases the nut memePiper Perri nut meme

Honey Nut meme

When u ain't tryna nut in her but she moans 'you're my meme daddy'

When you hear your mom coming up the stairs and now you gotta go into turbo ultra boost mode to nut before she catches you

I keep screaming but god won't answer

Nut vs Nut

You vs. the guy she told you not to worry about meme

Perhaps the single funniest thing about Nut Day, though? 

It's followed by Boston Cream Pie Day!