One woman did the impossible, she reinvented "imperialism" by recommending U.S. territories as vacation destinations. 

@daodadon took to Twitter with some of her favorite travel destinations, which included, Hawaii, the U.S Virgin Islands, Guam, and Puerto Rico, all places Americans can travel without a Passport. However, the immediate response from other Twitter users was a resounding, no!

“The American colony tour is f***ing NUTS,” quote tweeted @DanzW0rld.

Even before the recent Maui fires, Native Hawaiians on social media have urged people from the mainland U.S. to stop traveling to the island as it damages their ecosystem and has displaced many natives from their lands for resorts. Similarly, Puerto Ricans despite protests have lost access to public beaches and land in favor of luxury resorts and housing.

All of these U.S. territories are experiencing some form of housing crisis and climate change effects due to being owned by the U.S. But yeah you don’t need to spend 200 bucks on a passport and wait 2 months to travel out of the continental U.S.

With all the backlash from accounts like @lawakua_ informing the original poster that she’s “promoting colonialism,” she doesn’t feel all that fazed.

“They’re still beautiful aesthetically pleasing places tho regardless. Especially when you come from of city that has nothing!” she replied.

But does it have to be a territory where the locals are begging you to not come? Some users have given alternative travel destinations that are still accessible to the passport-less. 

“We have four Great Lakes in this country you can visit guilt-free,” points our @mpolkadot.

And that's an important point. The U.S. almost has too many national parks to choose from

What about a national forest? You can experience the aurora borealis in the continental U.S.  as well. Is the Jersey Shore not luxurious enough for people these days?