Andrew Yang in bodega | Tweets about Yang's bodega trip

In case you missed it amongst all the craziness that the last few months have flung at us like so much s**t in a fan, former Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang has launched a campaign to become Mayor of New York. 

Yang's campaign has already come under fire for fleeing NYC along with his family during the pandemic. When asked about it, Yang's response only served to underscore just how out of touch he is with the average New Yorker whom he hopes to represent one day:

Yikes! It's not like hundreds of thousands of NY residents had to put up with EXACTLY that situation, likely in apartments far smaller than Yang's. 

Today, in an effort to redeem his image as a man of the people, Yang decided to pay a visit to one of NYC's 14,000 bodegas.

Unfortunately for Yang, his choice of bodega is definitely more of a nice deli than the relatively gritty, no-frills neighborhood bodegas that most New Yorkers frequent. 

Plenty of people pointed out the conspicuous lack of a 'bodega cat.' For the uninitiated, one or more cats wandering the store or sleeping on the counter are a relatively ubiquitous feature of most NYC bodegas.

The thing that I found most hilarious was the way he handled the bananas. It's so clear that he realized he was taking too long to pry off the single banana he actually wanted, so he just awkwardly grabs the whole thing.

One Twitter user also posted this photo, which isn't the ACTUAL 'bodega' he visited but is probably pretty damn close to what it looked like. 

Billionaires, they're just like us!

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