Back in September, we covered the anal bead cheating scandal tearing up the chess world. That scandal, which consisted of 19-year-old Hans Niemann beating five-time world champion Magnus Carleson by allegedly using vibrating anal beads, led to a viral video of Niemann getting carefully screened at the subsequent U.S. Chess Championship. But now, some people have a new idea to help catch chess cheaters and their hiney-hidden buzzers; the all-powerful Flipper Zero hacking tool.

As we covered in January, “The Flipper Zero is a multi-tool digital hacking gadget with the capability of scanning and emulating a wide range of electronic signals.” That means it can control many devices receiving external signals like TVs, Tesla charging ports, and electronic anal beads – presumably. What better way to expose a cheater than by giving them a few too many intense vibrations during a match? The euphoria would be more than anything they could get from playing chess.

Of course, using a Flipper Zero to control someone else’s sex toy is morally wrong, but so is cheating. So the next time you decide to use externally controlled vibrations to help you cheat at a board game, just know that somebody somewhere with a Flipper Zero is ready, willing, and able to give you more buzz than you bargained for.