Elon Musk has been having quite the summer. From saving children halfway around the world to threatening to take Tesla private, Musk has been doing it all. And well, summer isn't over yet kids. 

Yesterday, music artist and professional shit-kicker Azealia Banks took to Instagram to tell the whole world about her weekend-long experience trapped inside Elon's LA mansion. 

Grimes, Elon's artist girlfriend supposedly invited Azealia to LA for a collaboration but what ensued thereafter was anything but a productive weekend in the studio. Banks claims Elon went on a 3-day acid bender where he started tweeting crazy shit about selling Tesla booty shorts and threatening to take Tesla private at 420 dollars a share, which would make the company approximately worth 69 billion dollars. A side note, the three Tesla cars currently on market are the model 3, the model X and the model S. In order that's S 3 X. 

Mrs Banks during her occupancy of Elon's mansion began to think she wasn't flown out to LA to record music after all but instead was there for a potential threesome with Musk and Grimes. A spokesperson for Musk said he has never met Azealia Banks and that her Instagram posts are not true and though we may never know the truth we don't really care anyway. 

Read Bank's posts below.