Stocks began plummeting today after Bed Bath & Beyond issued a statement that they are in financial trouble. The retail company warned that it may not have enough money to cover basic expenses, and they are looking for alternative funding including filing for bankruptcy.

In a world where similar items can be found on Amazon (for more affordable prices) Bed Bath & Beyond is struggling with sales, and may have to begin closing stores. When the news hit Twitter this morning, the internet clearly took notice.

Between the store's pop culture references from The Other Guys to Click to Broad City, and its millennial-driven consumer base, the chain does hold some nostalgic value. The memes continued to glorify the good old days.

It's been a rough stretch for the company, which is still in search of a new Chief Financial Officer after former CFO, Gustavo Arnal's untimely death. In addition, Bed Bath and Beyond is in direct competition with stores such as Target, Wayfair, and Kohl's.