With over 430 locations worldwide, Hooters still knows what sells. Trust me when I tell you with 100% confidence, millennials are still in love with breasts. We love boobs. Looking at them, searching them on the internet, and especially eating at boob-themed restaurants (RIP to Canz in Astoria, Queens). 

Other outlets will try to spread this nonsensical rumor that millennials no longer care about boobs. Pshh. I'll believe that when you show me any other generation as horny and/or creative as the one who discovered this. 

For some reason, the boob-haters circulate these rumors every 3 or 4 years claiming Hooters is going to rebrand itself. Thank god for Hooters' social media presence, because they've shut down every iteration of this fake story.

It appears we can rest easy, fellow millennials, and remember, don't trust everything you see on the internet.