Robert Downey Jr and Tom Holland in Avengers Endgame - Spider-Man may be back in the MCU after Sony and Disney reach rumored agreement.

There may be hope for Spider-Man after all! 

Last night, Comic Book News reported on a rumored new deal between Disney and Sony which would keep Spider-Man in the MCU. The new possible deal would include a 6-picture deal with Tom Holland including a new trilogy of Spider-Man films that would focus on Peter Parker's college years. The other three movies include two Avengers films with the third being unknown. 

Marvel Studios will co-finance all Spider-Man related movies for 30% of the profits instead of the 50% they originally asked for. Marvel will also co-finance SpiderVerse live-action films. 

Tom Holland has also posted a series of pictures of him with Robert Downey Jr. on Instagram last night with the caption, "We did it Mr Stark!" 

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We did it Mr Stark!

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Earlier this week it was reported that Spider-Man could be leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Sony and Disney failed to reach an agreement on financing terms, which lead to a whole bunch of fans showing their displeasure with memes

This will be updated when more information is available.