The couple set themselves on fire to celebrate the beginning of their marriage. A video went viral of the couple, posted by the couple's wedding DJ Russ Powell, reaching over 15 million views as pyrotechnics lit them up as a crowd cheered in nervous laughter.

Gabe Jessop and Ambyr Mishelle are stunt doubles who have worked on shows such as "Yellowstone" and the movie "Hereditary". They used their work skills to wow their audience at a wedding with a pyrotechnic stunt. The video was captioned "When stunt people marry" just as the two were being set ablaze. 

They were very prepared with many people standing by with fire extinguishers, at one moment the bride's bouquet is completely engulfed and she tosses it to the ground. They start out with a quick walk but begin jogging as they realize they don't have much time before the safety of their stunt equipment only lasts for so long. They kneel and the fire is put out as the crowd cheers.

Many commenters in the video were as shocked as anyone would be at two people casually being lit on fire.

DJ Russ Powell commented, "“NGL… your wedding is gonna be top 10 for life.”

Another person said, “If my marriage is not going to be this lit I’m leaving him at the alter.”

One commenter feared for the bride's hair saying, "Please tell me the hair was protected." Russ Powell responded by saying, "They both had anti-burn gel in their hair and face, then she had a wig on top." Ensuring they were both professionals and knew what they were getting into.

While the celebration is beautiful, it's also a bit over the top for a marriage. It's nice they both shared something that they love together but putting your lives at risk and the people around you for a wedding ceremony is a bit too flashy.