In a new trend that would make the Midwesterners behind faux-salads like “Ambrosia Salad” and “Cookie Salad” weep sucrose-laced tears of pride, Candy Salad has emerged as TikTok’s latest food trend, further pushing the already dubious food category to new and delicious heights. 

Originating with a BuzzFeed recipe dating back to 2013 (RIP BuzzFeed News, when you were good you were REALLY good) with ties to TikTok creator @EliRallo’s viral early-pandemic candy jars, the concept behind Candy Salad – the hashtag for which has already amassed 32.2 million views on TikTok – is fairly simple. 

Dump an array of candies, usually neon and gummy, into a bowl, toss with a pair of tongs (or your hands if you’re nasty), and et voila, you have candy salad, a dish that is much more the former than the latter. 

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