Instagrammers take photos of themselves in front of a vibrant blue lake in Russia that is filled with toxic chemicals from a nearby plant.

This stunning turquoise lake in Siberia has been attracting thousands of Instagrammers and influencers thirsty for likes. Little do they know that a nearby coal plant actually dumps ash into the lake. So many of them have been showing up recently that the plant has had to issue a warning that reads, "It's not a pristine oasis, it's a chemical dump."

The intense blue color comes from the dissolved metals from the coal ash that is drained into the water from a heating and electrical station at the plant the company said in a statement posted to Russian social media. They also mention that the bottom of the ash dump is muddy and getting out alone is almost impossible. 


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In the same statement released by the company they stressed that while the water may cause allergic reactions if touched, the radiation level of the water is normal. Check out a photo of the plant below. 

According to BuzzFeed News, the man who posted this photo of a dude floating in the water with an inflatable unicorn said, "The next morning my feet are slightly turned red and itched for two days," and, "Water tastes slightly sour, similar to chalk."

Regardless of all the warnings from the company and signs posted around the property, young Instagrammers looking for a thrill keep on showing for the selfies. 

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