Electric cars have created a new, unexpected problem. Sure, everyone who sees me drive my Cybertruck knows I’m a prick — but what about those who *can’t* see me? How will I let them know about my malformed pecker?

For those in this peculiar situation, worry no longer. Borla, a company that makes exhaust systems, recently debuted a way for electric vehicle owners to show everyone around them that they’re really cool and fun to hang out with.

The solution? Put some speakers on the car that make fake engine noises.

According to this video and a report from EnergyPortal.eu, the company captured the sounds of the Shelby Mustang GT500, Mustang GT 5.0L, Charger SRT 392 and Corvette C8 to create this gadget. Once hooked up, you can select between these sounds as you rocket your car through suburbia, leaving a lasting (surely positive) impression on everyone you pass.

As for why anyone would want this invention in the first place, the EnergyPortal report attempts to answer this query in the kindest way possible. “Some individuals believe that engine noises are a crucial part of the driving experience and help establish a connection between the driver and their vehicle,” the article reads. “Others argue that it enhances safety by alerting pedestrians to the presence of an approaching electric car.”

Of course, Borla isn’t alone in trying to add engine noises to electric cars. Hyundai recently gave its new electric SUV fake engine and exhaust sounds, and last year, Dodge debuted a concept car with fake V8 engine sounds.

These options aren’t available on every e-vehicle, so if you’re going to go electric, you might as well just learn to enjoy the quiet — at least until you hear the screams of whoever your autopilot just hit