Elon's Cybertruck Got Stuck in the Mud and Needed to Be Saved By Two Diesel Trucks

Elon Musk's Cybertruck has been teased as the world's best electric pickup for a long time, but after years of setbacks, Tesla's workhorse is finally closing in on its September 2023 release date. It would be a shame if something happened and it got stuck in the mud... oh wait, that just happened. 

Last week, Elon himself made an appearance in a Cybertruck to mark the opening of a Tesla Lithium refinement factory in Texas. Just hours later, what appears to be that same Cybertruck was filmed stranded in some mud a few miles away. While it's unclear if Elon himself was driving, how many unreleased Cybertrucks are roaming around the Lone Star State?

"I remember people saying these would be unstoppable off-road because of the weight distribution," jvogler_ art commented on YouTube. "Idk, I think they weigh too damn much." 

While a second photo revealed that the mud in question was abnormally deep, it's hard to imagine an experienced off-road car and driver combo winding up beached there. 

Will Cybertruck be as good as everyone is expecting? Probably not if Elon's driving. 

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