Sports fans have been noticing an eerie figure hanging out at stadiums around the country this week. She showed up in Oakland when the Mets were in town, and quite literally smiled through the entire game.

Viewers were obviously super creeped out by the unsettling woman, but some finally realized that she was part of a marketing stunt for the new horror movie Smile.

After realizing it was just marketing for a film, fans began to let their guard down assuming that she would be quickly forgotten. They were sorely mistaken. The woman with the smile began showing up again in other stadiums in different cities. This time in New York City at Yankees Stadium. Somehow the rain makes her presence even more terrifying.

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If you thought she was done, you'd be wrong again. She then decided to make an appearance on Sunday Night Football. It's pretty hard to miss her as she's in a bright neon green 'Smile' shirt.

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The movie itself looks pretty good for a modern horror flick. And it's fun to see their social media/marketing team having fun and being creative. I'm all about it.

But I'd be lying if I told you this woman isn't going to fuel my nightmares for the foreseeable future.


? original sound - Ari.Natan