Former mixed martial artist and UFC fighter Ben Askren decided to make what he thought was a lovely post celebrating his wife Amy, “for being such a great mom to our kids.” But after using some questionable wording, he’s getting roasted by the internet, and her.

While it’s quite clear what Ben was trying to say, the 23.2 million people who saw his tweet couldn’t help but feel like he’d accidentally insulted Amy’s appearance. “Bro called his wife mid,” one person commented. “This is accidentally the most Peter Griffin spouse compliment on the internet,” another person joked.

Askren quickly tried to rectify the situation, posting a different photo of the couple on a red carpet with the caption, “She’s not insecure and I don’t need to state the obvious!” But even Amy had something to say about that.

It’s admirable that Ben Askren wanted to compliment his wife’s skills as a mother, but he should have picked a better way to say it. “All you had to add was ‘my wife is both,’” one person advised. Still, Ben’s verbal fumble and his public double down have made him and Amy today’s Twitter main characters, and given birth to some fantastic reactions and memes.