Every Halloween, parents worry that there might be drugs or other hazardous materials hidden in their children’s candy. But that’s not what they should be worried about. No, they should be worried that Dallas/Fort Worth and Atlanta meteorologist Chris Robbins will shoot their kids after they ring his doorbell.

Chris, the founder of iWeatherNet, posted a message to the organization’s Facebook page warning children not to ring his doorbell. “A child just rang my doorbell,” he wrote. “My 6 was loaded. Keep your kids away.”

The post received instant backlash, and Chris edited his words into a longer statement - but it was hardly an improvement. “If my doorbell rings again tomorrow I might pull someone’s hair,” he said. “If that brat rings my doorbell again tomorrow, I will call the police.” That threat, and all subsequent posts, are still up on the iWeatherNet Facebook page.

He went on to reveal that the child at his door was not a troublemaker, but just a sobbing little girl looking for her lost kitten. “Don’t ring doorbells,” he commented to finish his thought. “You can be shot just from ringing a doorbell.”

“The reason people are getting shot for ringing the doorbell,” one person commented, “is because people like you think shooting someone for ringing their doorbell is an appropriate response.” Plenty of other people agreed. “The doorbell is just asking to be pushed, he shouldn’t have it out if he doesn’t want the attention,” another person joked.

Chris has yet to post another forecast on his organization’s Facebook page and continues to double down on his words at the time of writing. He has critiqued the backlash against him, and deleted his LinkedIn page, but remains active across other platforms.

He has also repeatedly cited his friendship with the Fulton County Police Chief, implying that he thinks he could get away with murder. “I know all the police and the chief in Atlanta/Fulton County,” he said. “I never thought it would happen to me, but I guess it means I’m a success. My 6 is over there.”

He also twice shared the story of a 16-year-old boy who was shot after ringing the wrong doorbell. “My 6 is right over there. Do not ring doorbells. I know the Fulton County police chief,” he captioned one. This is the other.

Chris is unlikely to face any professional consequences for his words, as he is the founder of iWeatherNet. But that doesn’t mean his followers aren’t far more aware of who they’re following. Moral of the story; be careful whose doorbell you ring. The weather might just be cloudy with a chance of bullets.