As children, we all learn the golden rule: “Treat others as you’d like to be treated.” But because not everyone — or even a lot of people — abide by this rule, a TikToker has taken it to a new extreme on dating apps.

@notreallynatt Sometimes I question if I’ve gone too far… but no. Because men. #datingfail #hinge #single #whydomen #greenscreen #fyp #forthegirls ♬ original sound - Natt

“If you’re not gonna say it to your mom, don’t say it to me. Because I’m gonna tell your mom,” threatens Nattallya (@notreallynatt) in her post. Basically, if you’re behaving badly on dating apps, Nattallya is gonna find your mom online and tell her about it.

For instance, a guy named Josh liked Nattallya on Hinge but sent her a mean message calling her an “overweight, admin assistant who can’t drive, who wants a man to jump through hoops because some Instagram post told her she’s a queen and deserves a king.” She then took it upon herself to find his mother’s Instagram through some light sleuthing and subsequently slid into her DMs.  

“Hey Kim, you don’t know me and I don’t know you, but I thought you’d like to know how your son talks to complete strangers on the internet,” her message read. “Maybe you can ask him to be nice to women who haven’t done anything to deserve this kind of hate.”

Next, she let Josh know that she tattled on him: “Tell Kim I said she did a bang-up job raising you, king.”

The video has garnered more than 2 million views and over 300,000 likes.

@notreallynatt Replying to @Hali Groat UPDATE VIDEO #greenscreen #fyp #dmv #hinge #datingfail #single #whydomen #forthegirls ♬ original sound - Natt

Kim never responded to Nattallya’s message, but Josh did send Nattallya a message on Instagram apologizing for his behavior. “I know this will seem reactionary after your response on Hinge and the viewership of your TikTok, but I did want to say I’m sorry,” he offered. “I don’t have a good explanation why I decided to message you. All I can say is I’ve never done that before, I was in a particularly low place. I understand this is karma to its finest — people I know have directed me to this — but I would ask that you consider removing the post. If not, regardless, I am truly sorry.”

Josh deleted his Instagram account after his apology. “I think justice was served on this one, ladies,” concluded Nattallya.

This brings to mind another old adage that’s worth keeping in mind as you make your wife through life — and the internet: Would you talk to your mother with that mouth?