We’ve all done some stupid things while drunk. Sometimes, it’s saying something you shouldn’t have. Other times, it’s attempting a stunt and miserably failing. And other times still, it’s crashing your car in an empty parking lot.

Okay, so most of us haven’t done that. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, as this video shows.

Drunk chicks talk sh*t before f*cking up their car
byu/OutrageousMight457 inPublicFreakout

At the start of the video, two women (identified only as “drunk chicks” in the post’s title) are already in the car. An observer tells them to “get the fuck out the car, bitch” — we love foreshadowing, don’t we?

Anyway, the driver ignores their pleas, then turns the car around and slams directly into a light post.

The car, needless to say, is absolutely destroyed. One Redditor claims there was also a second part posted to Instagram, but the video seems to be scrubbed from the internet. “The chick driving was crying and the people she was arguing with were like, ‘Look at what you did to your car. YOU did this, not me.’ And she continued to cry,” the user wrote, if you choose to believe him. “It was hilarious.”

In the comments section, other users laughed at the woman’s behavior — but more importantly, they marveled at the structural integrity of the light post.

“Damn, I did not know how structurally sound a simple little light pole could be,” said a commenter. “Well, the lights themselves are pretty heavy, so depending on their length, the concrete base can be 8+ feet deep in the ground. Fucking solid,” added another.

Bet you didn’t expect to learn about light posts today, huh?

Many users also noted that the whiplash from such a crash was likely pretty severe — so if you thought a busted car wasn’t punishment enough for drunk driving, the driver likely got pretty dinged up, too. “I’ve watched a lot of crash videos and this one made my jaw drop,” stated an online observer. “I guess just how abrupt and severe it was. I wasn’t expecting it.”

A few Redditors, though, didn’t overthink it. As one put it, “Sometimes I feel like I’m an idiot in life, then I watch videos of people full speed slamming their cars into a stationary light pole in an empty parking lot and immediately feel so much better about myself.”