The internet is a tornado of insane videos, with a constant feed of cats defying physics, and brutal street fights. But in this revolution of hilarity caught on tape, it’s easy to overlook the simple, classic stuff we all love. That being - videos of people who are really drunk. Chaotic Drunk Videos on Twitter has racked up nearly half a million followers in the last year alone posting them - and here are the best ones:

Shotgun goes bazooka mode.

Bouncer doesn’t give a shit about your TikTok dance.

The most extreme glory hole.

The other World Cup.

The last days of disco.

Alcohol transforms this gay vegan guy. 

There’s a joke here we’re not going to use. 

Best way to open a jar. 

Can someone find out if that’s piss? 

The perfect woman doesn’t exis– 

Slip n’ Slide is WAY worse drunk. 

Man’s best friend for a good reason. 

Despite everything, Russia is still pretty fun. 

McDonald’s fries are only good hot. 

The struggle of being 5’7.