We're already seeing the repercussions of the Elon Musk experiment going on at Twitter. With Twitter Blue being rolled out earlier this week, the parody and impersonator accounts are taking over the platform. Although one such account may have actually done some good.

Eli Lilly is a pharmaceutical company in the U.S. that specializes in developing (and selling) diabetes medication and insulin. It's no secret that insulin prices are absolutely absurd in this country, and companies like Lilly don't do much to help those in need.

Enter @EliLillyAndCo, a fake Twitter account that was able to get verification thanks to Twitter Blue. The account which was made to look like the official Eli Lilly Twitter sent this tweet which has since been deleted.

Absolutely brilliant. What's even more shocking is that immediately after the tweet went viral, Eli Lilly's stock began to tank. That's some heavy, maniacal stuff right there.

Unfortunately the fake account was suspended and the tweet was deleted, however the damage had already been done. Eli Lilly walked away with their tail between their legs, but not before posting a response tweet to being totally pwned.