Elon Musk has been dominating the news lately, mostly due to his poor performance as Twitter's new CEO. From fake accounts to not understanding how the app actually works, Musk has been running amok at Twitter headquarters for the last few weeks. After he laid off thousands of employees he couldn't help himself with one more. 

After tweeting that the app was running slow for Android users, Musk apologized to users and gave some vague explanations. Shortly after a developer working at Twitter responded to Musk correcting him and telling him he was wrong. 

Eric Frohnhoefer, a senior developer, responded to Musk's tweet by saying, "I have spent 6 years working on Twitter for Android and I can say this is wrong."

A standoff ensued as Musk continued to question why the app was running slowly in some parts of the world. Frohnhoefer continued to push that he had been working hard on his end to fix the mounting problems of the app. However, one bystander noticed this public tiff between the CEO and employee and urged Musk that he probably doesn't want a guy like Frohnhoefer working for him, and Musk agreed.

Before he was fired, Frohnhoefer made a good point that maybe Musk shouldn't make everything he's thinking and doing for the company public and it would be more professional to deal with the problems of the app behind closed doors.