Elon Musk, the online billionaire bad boy wants to 'Free America' from the oppressive restraints of a global pandemic. Musk has been tweeting subtly jabs against the coronavirus shutdowns for a few days now, but nearly all Twitter users were shocked when the discovered he had tweeted this today. 

America needs to 'go back to work' we need to 'reopen' the country, or in other words, you need to go back to work so Musky pants can get back to doing whatever it is he does. 

And although I do understand the sentiment behind these words, why are Americans dumb. Free America Now. What does this actually mean? Free it from what exactly? The plague?  Honestly, I've seen this slogan on signs and online for weeks, but I don't think it means what people think it does. It's a word salad. 

Which brings us back to things we can measure realistically, like so far over 50k Americans have lost their lives to COVID-19. More than the total number of deaths in Vietnam and more than the total number of deaths in both Iraq and Afghanistan, put together. 

And sure, there is still much to be learned about the Coronavirus. The strains of the virus may not be as deadly in certain places and many people in dense communities may already have anti-bodies without knowing it, but the time for 'going back' is still a ways out. And Musk a science guy, should know this, right? 

It doesn't seem like he does though. Not with comments like these. I for one, am not surprised that Elon has turned into a dumb free America now dipsh*t. I'm really not. This is the same dude who made a whole show about selling flamethrowers during one of California's most deadly wildfire seasons. The dude who not only banged, but continues to bang Grimes. So sorry, but this dude hasn't had the best judgment for quite some time. But this? Cringe bro. 

Okay, this is epic. 

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