Some mysteries in this world are just bound to stay unsolved and we're not even talking about true crime, as that's an entirely separate can of worms. We've sourced AskReddit for some of our world's most fascinating mysteries that we may never have the answers to.

Emperor Titus' Final Words

Reddit user Ayearinbooks stated, "The final words of the emperor Titus were 'I have but one regret'. We don't know and never will what that regret was. Edit: on reflection, it's even better - 'I have made but one mistake'. Supreme confidence." Sadly we will never ever know what that one mistake was.

$100K Down the Toilet

Shoutout to Redditor u/Darian89S for this one. "In Australia, in 2011, someone broke into a TV station and spent four hours flushing $100,000 down the toilet." I have so many questions, but also why am I not surprised in the slightest that this happened in Australia.

Monarch Butterfly Migration

u/MasonS98 mentioned the absolute mind-boggling journey that Monarch Butterflies endure. "So the Monarch Butterfly migrates to Mexico and back every year. During the year there are a full 4 generations of butterflies that live and die during the journey. Upon returning back from Mexico, the butterfly manages to find the same trees its relative started out at despite never having been there." 

What Hasn't Been Discovered in the Ocean

u/Puzzleheaded-Cow264 suggested the horrors of what still hasn't been discovered in the world's oceans. "Maybe the question of how many things are in our oceans that we did not discover yet, the sea is hella scary to me, and not because of the water."

Why Cookie Tins Hold Sewing Supplies

Seriously though, where did this come from? When did it begin? Why did the entire world adopt this? u/MysteriousStaff3388 stated, "Why did we all just globally decide that those blue Dutch cookie tins hold sewing supplies?" This one will eat at me until the day I die.

What is Consciousness?

Alright, this one's a bit deeper than toilets and cookies. Redditor u/thenewcomputer hit us with the shower thought, "Neither medicine nor science has an answer for what consciousness is, or where it originates." Dang dude, time for me to go smoke some weed and think about life.