Though they starred in Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, many Y2K Nickelodeon fans wish that Devon Werkheiser and Lindsey Shaw had kept the details of their sex life very much under wraps after sharing their apparent penchant for behind-the-scenes sloppy toppy.

Though they may have intended to “Address Their Intimate Relationship,” per the title of Ned’s Declassified Podcast Survival Guide’s most recent episode, their discussion quickly took a turn for the horny, Shaw revealing that she gave her co-star his very first BJ between takes.

“Do you remember the first ….” Shaw, who played Jennifer “Moze” Mosely on the iconic series, trailed off during Wednesday’s episode, eliciting visible horror from Werkheiser.

"What are you going to ask on this podcast?” asked the actor, who starred as the show’s eponymous Ned Bigby, clearly knowing what was ahead. “What are you going to ask on this public podcast, Lindsey?"

@nedspod This episode gets… intimate. Watch it now to find out all the #nedsdeclassified stars’ bedroom moments gone wrong. #NedsPod #badidea #throwback #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound - Ned's Declassified Podcast

After confirming that yes, they were in fact going to hash out the dirty details of their teenage hookups, the actress got candid about her head skills, revealing she “felt like a failure” after he didn’t reach orgasm.

“After a moment, he just said ‘thanks, okay’ and you got up and you went to the bathroom, and you did your thing,” she recalled, sparking apparent disbelief from their co-host, Daniel Curtis Lee, who played Simon "Cookie" Nelson-Cook on the children’s series.

While the pair later elaborated that they had hooked up several times since their now-infamous first foray into oral — “We got busy in quite a few places,” the actress spilled — fans still wanted more … namely, for the two to please shut the actual f—k up.

“Everything I've learned about the Ned's declassified cast the last 24hrs has been against my will,” joked Twitter user @keembow, while @A_Stew412 argued that “some things should stay classified.”

So take it from these grossed-out fans — what happened at Nickelodeon in the mid-2000s should very much stay at Nickelodeon in the mid-2000s… unless it’s any of the Dan Schnider nonsense, we’d absolutely love to see him get Weinstein-ed.