tiktoker doing the ice cube vagina challenge - frozen mr. bigglesworth from austin powers movie

Maybe it's part of a healthy curiosity about one's body and sexuality. Maybe it's just a bad idea.

The latest in idiotic (and potentially dangerous) TikTok challenges has girls putting ice cubes inside their vaginas and sharing their surprised reactions.

Like most brilliant ideas, this was kicked off by a bored teenager with a lot of free time to kill. The first video in the series gives a good idea of the kind of shock you too might experience should you suddenly find a freezing cold object inside your genitals.

At least one guy even tried to get in on the fun by putting an ice cube up his butt, so...good for him.

Although the trend has quickly become yet another way to seek attention through self-harm—one of the key human needs that TikTok fills—it originated in the often misunderstood science of cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy or cold therapy is the process of using really cold temperatures, like -160°F and below, to treat body tissue. Typically it's used to treat skin issues like moles, and gynecologists can use it to remove genital warts.

But somewhere along the grapevine someone wondered if they could perform DIY cryotherapy on their vagina with an ice cube. Then others started claiming that the trick worked to not only remove warts but treat depression and anxiety, and "tighten" the vagina.

Medical professionals have chimed in to remind girls that none of that is true, and aside from messing with the natural pH level and possibly introducing unwanted bacteria, an ice cube up the ol' vagina ain't gonna do much.

Now we'll just have to see whether putting ice cubes in our orifices makes butt chugging beverages taste any better.