"Gand theft auto on three: One, two, three, GRAND THEFT AUTO!"

That's how Andrew and his group of friends hyped themselves up to go take his car back from the criminals who stole it. "My car got stolen, and we're stealing it back, bitch!"

Andrew posted the video to his TikTok, documenting the group's late-night antics all while drunk as hell from celebrating his birthday. 

"If my friends don't help me steal my car back, I don't want them," Frenchbreadslut commented.

@arec0510 Welp my birthday took a turn when we came out of the bar in DC# to my car being stolen thankfully our DD caught our whole mission on camera #gay #car #birthday #success #iwishiwaskidding #avengers ? original sound - Andrew Rector

The clip was subsequently shared on the Washington Problems Twitter page, where it went viral to the tune of over 10 million views. But some people were quick to point out the danger in the friend group's drunk decisions.

"This is totally not a smart thing to do," @VinylAlbmCovers commented. "I live here. ABSOLUTELY NEVER do this under ANY circumstances."

Andrew credits the MyMazda app for allowing him to find his car, and an Uber driver for "aiding and abetting our foray into vigilantism." That's one birthday night he'll never forget.

"God I wish I was there," Mackenzie Stith commented. "This sounds so fun."