A Kentucky wedding was cut short after the bride felt her husband, Billy Engle, might have a heart attack. The bride, Brandy, also noticed the officiant was stuttering and forgetting lines during the ceremony. Both Billy and the wedding officiant drank from the same glass moments before the ceremony began.

A drug test later confirmed that Billy had taken the equivalent of 10 pills of Adderall, medication for ADHD. No information about who spiked the drink or where the pills came from was given. Symptoms of an Adderall overdose include heart attack, panic, fainting, and even death. 

The story soon made its way to Twitter, and like everything on the internet, it was scoured over relentlessly. Many people had pressing questions about the incident.

People felt the amount of 10 pills was strange, as Adderall, like many medications, comes in various dosages. Some said the report would most likely have been presented in milligrams rather than the number of pills taken.

Other commenters stated the obvious, he took the pills intentionally. It seemed more likely Billy took the pills with the officiant before the wedding to loosen up and have a good time. 

Some even think Billy may have even taken a stronger amphetamine dose and claimed it was only Adderall.

No matter what, we can always count on the internet to call out people's lies.